Games advertising is becoming essential

The video game, beyond merely providing entertainment, has emerged as the world’s leading leisure activity. This flourishing industry offers advertisers an unprecedented opportunity to reach an engaged and diverse audience.

A recent study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), a professional organization in the field of interactive advertising in the United States, reveals that advertisers are poised to significantly increase their investments in this sector. With a projected 40% increase in advertising spending this year, expenditures are expected to reach an impressive $8.53 billion in 2024, and $11.49 billion in 2027.

“This is the first large-scale quantitative analysis of brands and agencies with experience purchasing games advertising,” said Jack Koch, Senior Vice President, Research & Insights, IAB.


A thriving Market

As highlighted by these insights, the video game industry has become a thriving market, offering brands a unique opportunity to connect with their target audience. With 3.2 billion gamers worldwide, including 39.1 million in France, it’s crucial for brands to position themselves in this booming sector. This phenomenal expansion positions video game advertising as a strategic means for brands to connect with their target audience.

This form of advertising stands out for its ability to reach valuable and often challenging-to-target audiences with relevant messages. In fact, according to 90% of ad space buyers, video game advertising is an effective tool for reaching these specific audiences.

The importance of Brand Awareness

Games advertising meets both brand and performance marketing goals, with 78% of advertisers stating that games advertising is “excellent” or “good” at awareness, 76% at driving research and consideration, and 65% at driving purchase.

Koch added, “Impressively, games advertising consistently performs well across all stages of the consumer journey, showcasing its potency compared to other media channels. We’re excited to reveal where and how to harness its power in the marketing mix.”


Case Study: Orientation Atlas

‘Orientation Atlas’ aimed to captivate a young audience (aged 13 to 20 in France) and demonstrate to them, in a playful and entertaining manner, how accounting intervenes in various aspects of daily life. Simultaneously, its objective was to strengthen its brand awareness.

The Tinder Quiz provided an immersive experience, tailored to a young audience already familiar with this type of interaction. Distributed via programmatic, the advertisement seamlessly integrated into popular mobile games such as Candy Crush, Soda Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, and many other applications and games.

With a budget of €1,500 over a month, the campaign generated 1,858 quiz completions + site visits, at an average cost per action of €0.80, which is three times less than the average. In addition, it reached 450,000 impressions with a viewability of over 65%.

Among the 2,972 total players, 62.52% first answered the quiz and then visited the site, and spent an average of 33 seconds on the site, totaling an exposure of 27 hours.

By exceeding its goals and achieving exceptional engagement at a low cost, the ‘Orientation Atlas’ campaign serves as a compelling case study. This success clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of advertising within video games as a marketing tool for achieving brand objectives.



In conclusion, advertising in video games represents a thriving market, offering brands a unique opportunity to reach an engaged and diverse audience. To fully capitalize on this potential, brands must consider innovative advertising strategies, such as native content integration and interactive experiences, while remaining attentive to the needs and preferences of gamers.

By making strategic investments and adhering to best practices, brands can not only enhance their visibility and awareness but also build lasting connections with their target audience, ensuring success in the competitive landscape of modern marketing.

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