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A highly effective customer acquisition strategy

Crafting a customer acquisition strategy entails deploying interactive advertisements within mobile games.

These ads dynamically adapt to each game’s unique audience, delivering a captivating full-screen experience that seamlessly converts interactions into qualified clicks, thereby driving up conversion rates.

Our intelligent format gathers data anonymously at each interaction, providing invaluable insights into context, placement, and audience demographics.

With access to a diverse range of mobile games, including popular licenses such as Disney, Harry Potter, Subway Surfers, FC, Marvel, and more, we meticulously select options tailored to your objectives, target demographic, and budget.

Publicité interactive, stratégie d'acquisition | Interactive ads, customer acquisition

The goal

Expérience immersive | immersive experience

Innovatively promote the ‘Pomar de Prémios’ application by providing a unique advertising experience to their audience.

Une stratégie d'acquisition In-game | customer acquisition

The experience

Expérience immersive | immersive experience

An addictive and captivating gameplay.
Discover our interactive video advertising.


Expérience immersive | immersive experience

In just two months, our full-screen interactive ‘in-game’ advertising has enabled the brand to reduce its customer acquisition cost by 3.2 times, while significantly increasing downloads of its ‘Pomar de Prémios’ application.


-68.6 %


+1.672 %
Felipe Girão
Felipe GirãoPerformance Marketing Executive
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A lot of expectation from me and also from the Compal Brand, and the results of just 2 months of campaign couldn't be better:

- Increased CTR by 1,672%
- 3.2 times lower App Install Cost (expected to be halved 😎)

2024 at Sumol+Compal will be much more fun than 2023! 💪🏽

Our tips

Expérience immersive | immersive experience
Engage through interactivity

Millennials and Gen Z interact with playable ads at over 50%.

This format generates more engagement than more traditional formats (instantaneous experience that doesn't require downloading).

Explore a cookieless future

Broadcasted within mobile games, our advertisements analyze the game content (category, themes, colors, etc.) to automatically tailor themselves to the game's audience.

Boost your conversion rate

Users have the choice to interact or not, which results in an average conversion rate 4 times higher than other formats and reduces unintentional clicks.

Reach your target audience and achieve guaranteed results with Betshot Studio!