Cruel Pancake is a 'streetwear' clothing brand with Californian influences created by Hugo Philip.


Customer engagement enables you to deeply involve your customers in the evolution of your brand.

Cruel Pancake has a strong grasp of this concept and executes it with great effectiveness. They are driven by a metric that no data can match: the heart 🫀

This inspiring brand aimed to engage, qualify, and reward its community ahead of the “Kid With a Dream” drop through an immersive experience that traces the life of Hugo Philip.


Creation of a treasure hunt game where Hugo’s community could discover, interact, and play through his social networks. The clues led to his real Instagram, TikTok, podcast, etc.


A demo is worth a thousand words! Dive into the action with our immersive video or try it yourself to experience it live.


The ongoing stream of new players until the very last second and the remarkably high level of customer engagement reaffirm and prove the authenticity and passion within the CPK community.

  • 14 170 players in less than 4 days
  • 6 382 opt-ins to join the CPK Club (which is 45.04%)
  • Number 1 on Apple Podcast on day 2
  • 3 409 winners of early access

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